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Fireball is a modern ceramic coatings range, in which the production uses innovative nanotechnologies. These coatings perfectly protect the paint from micro scratches and possess unique properties of hydrophobicity (water removal) and self-cleaning. They also provide a very good protection against UV rays, environmental pollution and various chemicals. In addition to protection, they bring out the depth of colour, give a beautiful shine and smoothness of the treated surface.

Fireball Next Generation Coatings Comparison

Comparison between Fireball's coating range

Note: The above table is a comparison between Fireball's coating range and not a comparison to other coatings on the market.

Fireball Ceramic Coating Durability Explained

Durability period is the time when the coating ensures proper surface protection. Fireball ceramic coatings bind with paint permanently which provides exceptional hardness for many years. The coatings require proper care and periodic inspections for their long protection properties to last.

Without regular maintenance the coatings may lose some of their hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, which the customer may understand as an error in functioning. It is worth underlining that the coatings will still protect the paint from mechanical micro-scratches, UV, environmental pollution, etc.

The inspections are done yearly (the same time period for each coating). Yearly inspection includes washing the car thoroughly, removing any tar, metal contaminants, etc. and applying special coating (which rebuilds both protective layer and hydrophobicity).

Note: If the car service requires paint refreshing or correction – the customer is required to pay an additional fee. 

Fireball Next Generation Coatings Pricing
Fireball Coatings Pricing

Pricing is fixed as a minimum charge - Any paint correction required is quoted and charged extra, on a job by job basis. (Dok Do Next Generation Coating is a Dual Layer Coating). 

All our ceramic coatings must be applied by a Fireball Authorised Detailer. Tyrehyped is pleased to announced that we are a Fireball Authorised Detailer.

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