Fireball offers professional car care products ideal for the most demanding customers. Due to carefully chosen ingredients, innovative technologies used in manufacturing process, as well as hours of testing – Fireball products establish new trends in the world of car detailing.

Popular Fireball products:

  • Fireball Premium Active Snow Foam and Fireball Premium and Ultimate Shampoo range are super concentrated, and are at least twice the concentration of other retail brands. This delivers excellent value for money.
  • Fireball Iron Burn products are non-acidic and are higher in formula strength than other similar type products on the market. This reduces waiting time to work effectively (compared to other type cleaners).
  • One of Fireball’s most popular product is Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam. It provides a SiO2 glass ceramic coating which lasts up to two months, keeping vehicles cleaner for longer. Most customers report that it has extended their weekly wash to a 2-3 weekly wash regime, saving time and money for the customer.
  • A further stand out products are the range of Fireball drying towels. Fireball Twist Drying Towel has outperformed all drying towels on the market, gaining a 10/10 for water removal in the latest tests in the UK and around the globe.