About Us

Tyrehyped was born 2016 and we are Gold Coast/Brisbane dealer for Tredwear tyre letters and tyre graphics. Our tyre letters/graphics can turns heads why not browse through our range today.

Apart from tyre lettering we also the authorised reseller of Fireball products. The most innovative car care products from South Korea. These products will have your car looking its best inside and out. One of Fireball’s most popular product is Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam. It is a post wash and rinse coating which is applied with a snow foam lance, or can be hand washed onto a vehicle. It provides a SiO2 glass ceramic coating which lasts up to two months, keeping vehicles cleaner for longer. Most customers report that it has extended their weekly wash to a 2-3 weekly wash regime, saving time and money for the customer.

Tyrehyped also offer Fireball ceramic coatings for all types of vehicles, car, motorbike, golf cart and boats. Fireball is a modern ceramic coatings range, in which the production uses innovative nanotechnologies. These coatings perfectly protect the paint from micro scratches and possess unique properties of hydrophobicity (water removal) and self-cleaning. They also provide a very good protection against UV rays, environmental pollution and various chemicals. In addition to protection, they bring out the depth of colour, give a beautiful shine and smoothness of the treated surface. Let us talk to you about our ceramic coating range which best suits you.

Tyrehyped is more than tyrelettering. Our services and products we offer will make your vehicle look its showroom best!