What is the difference with Tyrehyped lettering compared to other lettering available in the market?

We only use TredWear lettering and products. TredWear had its start back in the USA in 2008. Our lettering will not turn brown like other lettering available on the market and together with our special patented adhesive glue which is made in Japan makes the perfect combination to add white letters to your tyres which will last the life of your tyres.

How long for delivery?

We generally have stock but for more special orders like different colours etc delivery can take up to 10 working days.

How long to install lettering?

This depends on how many letters you have to install. A general indication would be approximately 90 mins for a set of 4 tyres.

How to clean your tyre lettering?
Simply use some Jiff or degreaser and brush off with a toothbrush and rinse.

Can tyre shine be used on the letters?

DO NOT use bleach or slicia based products on the letters. We advise only use tyre shine when it is a water based.