How to order lettering



Decide on what lettering you would like on your tyres

Would you like to have custom letters on your tyres for example your company number, nick name e.t.c or would you prefer to select from our Designer range of leading tyre brands. 


Size of your tyres

We highly recommend measuring your tyres before ordering, this is quick and easy, just measure between the two manufacturing lines on the tyres, make the letters don't go into the thread.

Please use  this as a guide:

  • 0.5" lettering up to 25 profiles tyres
  • 0.75" lettering up to 25 -35 profiles tyres
  • 1.0" lettering up to 35 -45 profiles tyres
  • 1.3" lettering up to 45+ profiles tyres
  • 40mm lettering for 4x4 and off road tyres

Note: we do not hold responsibility for purchase of incorrect size



Extra Options

Decide if you would like to add racer stripes to your lettering , perhaps some  white wall or lettering in various colours.



Order Online

Order through online store or via our Facebook page.