Fireball Pin Towel 72x95cm

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Features and Benefits

• Soft microfibre material will not scratch paintwork.
• Incredibly Hydroscopic for fast water removal and extraction on contact.
• Medium to heavy-weight microfibre absorbs large amounts of water quickly.
• High-quality construction. The twist is a long-lasting towel.

Medium to Heavy Weight Microfibre Twist Dry Towel for
Superior Drying Power

Any time equipment encounters automotive paintwork there is the risk of incurring accidental swirl marks. As a result, a drying towel needs to be as soft as possible to reduce the chances of damage.

The Fireball Pin Towel is made from the softest microfibre material. This towel absorbs water quickly to leave paintwork dry and blemish-free. Single wipe to dry operation. Similar to the Fireball Twist Drying Towel, but suited to small to Medium vehicles.

Machine washable, using no fabric softener.