Fusion Wax

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Features and Benefits

• Stunning Show Wax.
• Very limited numbers globally.
• Super hydrophobic coating.
• Very high gloss which enhances paint colour.
• Super Hydrophobic Wax Coating.

Fusion Wax is a top end wax product that has won multiple wax awards globally. Fusion Wax is made as a show wax and demonstrates high-end super hydrophobic water behaviour and paint surface protection for show type paint finishes. Fusion Wax is made with Brazilian T1 Carnauba infused with SiO2 glass ceramic. Fusion Wax will show superhydrophobic water behaviours after 2 hours and demonstrate a surface wet-look after about 6 hours.

Kit Includes: Fusion Wax 100ml in a Custom Crystal Jar with Custom Fireball logo in the base, A high Quality jar pouch with Fireball logo and drawstring, Mini application spoon and a Fireball Foam Applicator pad.

Tourbillon Boosters No.1 and No.2 (Only available to pro detailers)
Fireball paste waxes were made with High Technology and to present has very High Performance. Fireball’s Tourbillon are boosters for Fireball’s Paste Waxes, to extend the durability of the incredible sheeting and gloss. It is a New Technology that increases Fusion Wax's durability to up to 12 months with higher performance.

The kit components are Fusion Wax - 100g (in a Fireball custom crystal jar, inside a high quality mesh bag), 2 Foam Applicators and 2 Mini Spoons.

Directions for use:
• Thoroughly clean and prepare surfaces.
Using the supplied mini spoon, spread a small amount onto the supplied applicator.
Apply in a swirling motion to thinly coat the surface.
Allow to set for 15mins before removal.
Buff to a high shine.
Do not expose to direct sunlight or water for 6 hours.
Surface will be Superhydrophobic in 2 hours and reach Show quality wet look in 6 hours.