Ultimate Car Shampoo - 500ml

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Features and Benefits

• Ultra-mild foaming shampoo for extra cleaning power
• pH-neutral formulation makes it wax & sealant-friendly
• Highly concentrated, great value for money
• Dilutes up to 1:800

A pH-Neutral and Ultra-Mild Wash for Sensitive Paintwork.
Greasy road grime, diesel splatters, environmental and industrial fallout all combine to leave a car dirty and left in situ, may cause lasting damage. Some car shampoos use astringent chemicals to remove contamination but over time these can strip away the paintwork’s natural oils leaving it looking dull and tired.
Fireball Ultimate Car Shampoo is a concentrated car wash that provides thick, creamy foam for enhanced cleaning power. The gentle detergents help lift dirt and contamination away from the car’s surfaces to leave a perfectly clean, glossy finish.

Directions for use:
• Mix 1:800 for car washing
• Rinse off