Ultimate Carnauba Wax - 500ml

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Features & Benefits:

• Provides a protective high gloss finish
• Contains Carnauba for a deep, reflective, wet-look shine
• Protected surfaces repel water, dirt & oils
• Inhibits contamination from adhering to the surface
• Treated surfaces are easier to clean, no need for harsh wash chemicals
• Supplied with trigger spray

Spray-on High Gloss wax coating
After decontaminating paintwork, washing and polishing a vehicle, this wax will ensure a high gloss finish is maintained for weeks to come.
Fireball Ultimate Carnauba Wax is an easy to use, spray on wax containing carnauba to ensure a high gloss, water-repelling finish with an amazing show standard wet-look shine. Protects up to 1 month.

Directions for use:

• Spray onto clean surface.
• Spread using a soft applicator or microfibre towel.
• Allow to cure for up to 60 seconds.
• Buff with soft, clean microfibre towel.